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To win a million scratch card through a scratch card lottery is more than a dream come true. There are various apprehensive minds that give a chance their luck and invest in scratch card lottery. The day when the luck sparks to give a win a million scratch card gain is too auspicious. For the investment of few pounds the winner wins multi-fold gains. The article explains the experiences in win a million scratch card at Top Slot Site and her journey to this win.

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Paid Off With a Huge Gain

An elderly lady has been investing regularly thousands of pounds. In an attempt to win a million scratch cards, she invested thousands of pounds to win the top prize. She had been buying near by 30 scratch cards every week. Each card would cost 1- 5. This has been a routine investment for past few years. She would spend 600 per month for more than to years. The total investment came out to 15, 000. Every penny has been paid off with a huge gain.

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The Crave To Win A Million Scratch Card Faded

The excitement in winning a million dollar is beyond words. Only the uncontrolled flow of excitement can explain the happiness. Gaining such huge amount leaves the people too satisfied to even express. The lady did not eat or drink anything for hours. The prize has left her with no craving for anything. To share this happiness with family is another bonus ??prize??. This winner too celebrated the happiness with her family.

Superstitious Way of Trying Luck

It had become routine to visit a specific shop and buy a bunch of 30 scratch cards every week. The card would be scratched in a line. This was a superstitious way of trying luck. On win a million scratchcard prize on a scratch card was too unbelievable and needed many people to confirm.

Check Your Expenses In Scratch Cards

The usual experience in win a million scratch card of winning 100 or 500 was completely different than this mammoth win. The small wins also had their importance. They called for small celebrations too. But this win was difficult to assimilate.

Cash Speculation Game

The winner won 1 million on the 100 million Cash Speculation game. The winner selected the card following her intuition of favorite color i.e. pink. Winning is just one of the destinations of the journey. The actual process of buying scratch cards and enjoying the thrills of winning or getting nothing is a great happy path.

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How To Utilize The Scratch Card Money

The utilization on win a million scratch card leaves with a big question. How to utilize this money??? The listing of things starts and everyone has something to demand from the gin. It sometimes brings to the realization that how many things were missing due to the shortage of money. Whether it is an iPhone, a huge house, a big car, a long vacation the list becomes endless. The gain won out off nothing has so many needs or luxuries to satisfy.

Lady Luck can Favor Handsome

Just like this winner everyone who believes that lady luck can favor handsome should definitely give a try. One never knows which day can be the jackpot day??.

Enjoying the Thrills of Winning

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