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Scratching cards to win great prizes is what any apprehensive brain could give a try. Gaining huge by investing less than a fraction is what these custom scratch off cards lottery at Top Slot Site assure. It is just matter of luck and the destiny chances things up side down. A custom scratch off cards lottery may not gain huge always it can be a simple toy for a kid or a household appliance for housewife. The customer range is endless and so is the list of prices from a scratch card win.
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Someone into the business of selling scratch cards has to think of various factors before putting these cards for sell. Right from the paper used to the numbers printed everything has to done very precisely. The quality of the service and fairness in the game keeps the customer glued to the thrill of buying custom scratch off cards.

Custom Scratch Off Cards

Following Are Some Tips And Methods Of Designing A Custom Scratch Off Cards


  1. The customer should check if the number of custom scratch off card should be printed correctly
  2. The size of the custom scratch off cards should be standard i.e. of the size of a business card
  3. The type of custom scratch off cards promotion should be made clear i.e. whether it is scratch match campaign or a free prize or a coupon incentive etc.
  4. The number of stickers on each scratch card.
  5. The kind of paper used should be confirmed. Usually it is the light weight paper. The printer should be well informed about the whether it is a 12 or 14 point card stock. For glossy coating UV coating should be preferred.
  6. The back of the card can be used as a marketing strategy. Options like calendar, motivational quotes or any information about the business can be displayed.
  7. The deadlines for the delivery should be clarified. Any buffer time needed should also be explained.

Motivational Quotes

Customers For Custom Scratch Off Cards

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  • Hotel, restaurants, pizzerias who want to enhance their customer flow can use these cards as promotional option
  • Schools can make use of scratch card stickers for fund raising purpose.
  • Business personals can use custom scratch off cards to trade show incentives-offering a prize whenever a customer visits their shop or booth.
  • Small businesses would like to develop customer relationship by offering them custom scratch off cards offers.
  • Independent or self-employed units can use these cards for direct marketing
  • Graphic designers who want to add a new product line to their inventory.
  • Parents to get their kids rewarded for been obedient
  • Teachers can also use starch card to motivate them to earn a price for good studies.

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Business For All

The custom scratch off cards business leaves numerous options for every customer. It can be a card found in a washing powder packet or in a snacks bag, the code behind the sticker is appealing. The customers whether a house wife, a student or a kid has various apprehensions for the scratch card found. The person into making and selling these cards has to keep things fair and clear to attract customers. A huge win against the card is sure to attract more customers. All round humanity a good gain for fewer assets is always welcomed.

Sticker is Appealing

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