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A recent study by National Lottery has released data stating that there are approximately 694,301 winners on any given day throughout the world. So, when you give it a thought the chances of joining the group of scratch card prizes are more than we can imagine. With the increase competition amongst online scratch card casinos, the prizes have taken a better shape and much higher than we can ever imagine with the highest scratch card prizes to this day being approximately 4 million.

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Many online scratch card sites offer amazing offers for new players and seasoned or loyal players with them. The welcome bonus with these sites is usually the seed money one receives to get a feel of all the scratch card games and once they are comfortable when they place their first deposit, the site ensures that they reward their decision and shower the player again with bonuses that would only strengthen their will to try their hand on scratch cards and gain an opportunity to win scratch card prizes.

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Many scratch card sites offer its customers hard cash as scratch card prizes or sometimes vouchers or more free scratch cards as a reward to their winnings. In a general scratch card game setup the cash prizes or any kind of scratch card prizes are based on which category the scratch cards belong to.

Scratch Card Prizes

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The scratch cards are typically divided into three categories i.e. A, B, C. These categories are set by the gaming commission that works as a guideline to all the sites that either plan to set a new scratch card game or rework on the existing scratch card prizes made available at their site. The standard bifurcation of the prizes in A, B, C categories works this way:

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  • A category: Games whose cash prize payment is spread over a period of less than or equal to 12 months. The scratch card prizes are usually lump sum and always range less than 121,000. This category games usually are chosen due to the theme or uniqueness of the game and not the cash prize as the number of winners are no less than 5 people
  • B category: These scratch card games are more found in the market as the prizes in this category include both non cash prizes and cash top prizes that do not exceed 121,000. As the games offer non cash prizes also that becomes the main marketing point for people to choose the B category scratch cards.

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  • C category: These kind of scratch card games are popular in the market as the scratch card prizes in this category are extremely tempting like non cash prizes and cash top prizes ranging up to 121,000 and more. The hope that players can win at least one of the top prizes is what hikes the sales of this category scratch cards.

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So, given the statistics and the prize details it is clear that investing the little amount on each scratch card, it is possible that a player could stand a chance to be amongst at least of the groups of scratch card prizes i.e. the cash prize group or the non cash prize group given that they try enough times.

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