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Monopoly Scratch Card | Get 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to 200
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Monopoly Scratch Card | Get 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to 200

Monopoly Scratch Card | Get 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to 200

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A Scratch Card Game That Is True To Its Name Is Monopoly Scratch Card – Get 5 Free Bonus

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Monopoly Scratch Card – Keep What you Win with

An online scratch card game that definitely needs no introduction owing to the most recent win of a whopping 100,000 is the Monopoly Scratch card at Top Slot Site. This is probably the most unique game as unlike other games, a player would get an opportunity to try their luck for a few times in order to win in this game unlike the traditional 1 time scratch games.

Unique Game as Unlike Other Games

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Although a slight turn off, the first unique feature about the Monopoly Scratch card game at Top Slot Site is that the cost of the ticket is 5 which is not a big hurdle as a player post purchasing the ticket even gains 15 chances to win a fiver on an instant scratch card.
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Unique Features About Monopoly Scratch Card Game!!

The design of the Monopoly Scratch card at Top Slot Site game is radical making it unique as the card is split into three games i.e. Game 1, Game 2 and Game 3 with another bonus game too!!!
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    • Game 1: The player??s goal is to attain a total of 10 by scratching out the numbers that are secretly hidden underneath the top hats. Once the score of 10 is achieved then the player is eligible to win the prize that is linked to that row


    • Game 2: In this row, the player’s goal is to match the symbols that need to be unearthed from under the wads of money whilst making oneself eligible for the row prize
    • Game 3: This is the stage of true Monopoly Scratch card game where the player has to match the two winning symbols to the symbols that are hidden behind the cards and Voila!!!! You are the proud owner of the crash prize.


      • Bonus game: The Monopoly Scratch card game designers understand that too much of stress and mind games would spoil the fun, hence the final bonus game only expects the player to click on the Hasbro Monopoly man and the winner of the super cash prize would be the player that would find a treasure chest behind the man

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The Radical Design Of Monopoly Scratch Cards

The Monopoly Scratch card game made its mark due to the aesthetic designing of the game with absolutely slick graphics. The game is designed such that as players win, the prizes made available reduce in that category. Once the last top prize is owned only the tickets already sold by retailers would be allowed to play and the remaining scratch cards are pulled out of the market.


Although 5 a pop may come across as a steep investment, many players have certified it to be a reasonable amount owing to the fifteen chances they get to try to win those amazing prizes. The statistics provided by the National Lottery also adds on to the goodwill of Monopoly Scratch card game where players stand a chance to win out of every 2.91 chances. Another interesting aspect about Monopoly Scratch card game is that total value of prizes of the scratch cards of the games is only 71.14% of the total face value of the Scratch cards.
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