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All The Crazy Scratch Cards You Should Know About – Get £5 Free Bonus At Lucks Casino

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Online scratch cards are such an amazing thing. They give you that authentic casino experience. The best part is that you can experience all of this from the comfort of home. That is probably the biggest reason why there are more online gamers today. Many of them were probably not even aware of crazy scratch card games.

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Now, thanks to the internet, they do. If you are reading this, you want to know more the different types of cards. Thanks to the flexibility offered by online gaming, there are different types of scratch cards. We have searched the entire online gaming casinos arena. A result of this research are the following cards that are found in most online crazy scratch casinos.

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Here is the list of most popular crazy scratch cards.

  • Scratch Cards
  • Multiplier Cards
  • Bonus Cards


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Scratch Cards

These are the standard scratch cards that you are already aware of. If not, here is a small intro to how scratch card works. When the game starts, you are issued a bunch of cards. This depends on the type of game that is being played right now. Some games give a total of ten cards and others give five cards. There is no fixed rule, really.

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In some games, there is no limit on the number of crazy scratch cards you can select to scratch. As long as you are willing to pay for the card, that’s fine too. Every card will have many spaces in it. They will be covered with a layer. This layer hides the picture or photo or pattern behind it. In the online game, you will use the mouse to scratch the surface.

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On doing so, the crazy scratch card layer will vanish. Usually, there is a vanishing sound associated with it. The hidden pattern is made visible. Once all the crazy scratch spaces have been erased, you get to see if you found a matching pattern.

Multiplier Cards


These are special scratch cards. Their purpose is simple. They will multiply whatever you won. For example, let us say that the pattern that was matched was worth 1 dollar. If the multiplier is 3, then the final winnings will be 3 pounds. There are no strings attached. The final amount just works like that. If the multiplier is 5, then the winning amount will be 5 pounds from crazy scratch cards.

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The multiplier is not present in all games. Only some crazy scratch games have it. Getting a high multiplier is a cool thing because your winnings are going to impressive.

Bonus Cards

Bonus crazy scratch cards are those that give an immediate win condition. That means, whether you match the pattern or not, you will win the draw. For example, let us suppose that you have scratched all but one slot. You have found two matches so far, but not three. Then, the final card ends up being a bonus card. If that happens, you get the winnings.

Couple this with the multiplier, the winnings can only increase. As with the multiplier, only some games have the bonus crazy scratch card option.

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